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Trainer/Instructor Ryan Chiappone– Starting young horses as well as general training and instruction across multiple disciplines, both english and western, with a passionate focus for western and classical dressage.

I started riding at the age of 8 and within a year had my parents scrambling to get me lessons twice a week and spending weekends competing at horse shows. By the age of 13 I was helping my trainer break out incoming horses and reconditioning auction horses for re-sale. I rode the worst of the worst while still honing my seat and riding skills. The experience taught me what I wanted in my own horses and by the age of 21 I was breaking and training with an enlightened perspective of my goals when working with horses. My education continues to grow with each new horse I work with and each new professional I come in contact with. A dedicated equine trainer should never stop learning and should never assume they have all the answers.

My passion is working with young and new to you horses across any discipline. I believe there is fundamental similarity in the basics of training in every discipline. A good foundation of balance, bit acceptance, respect for the aids, relaxation and moving through from back to front is the start of every good training program. Horses should also learn to be confident through patient encouragement where failure isn’t punished. A horse has to learn to try and in so doing will develop a sound work ethic and willingness to learn far into adulthood. My passion starts with the first 60 to 90 days and helps set your horse up to be successfully finished by you or your discipline specific trainer. My job starts on the ground and ends when a horse and rider are comfortable and confident with each other to learn successfully together.

My belief is that there should be no ego involved when training so if you are unsure how to move forward when I am done, I will help you find the best options for your next step. I want you and your horse to succeed as a team, whether that means moving on to another professional or me continuing to help you from the sidelines.

Trainer/Instructor Dan Schubmehl – General training and teaching across mulitple disciplines with a focus in classical dressage.

Dan has always had a deep love of animals and sat on his first horse at 6 years old, but after his first fall, his parents encouraged him to pursue other interests. After a long hiatus, Dan got back in the saddle at Alfred University, where he majored in art and design, but also studied western riding. After college he continued his education, advancing his skills in western equitation, barrel racing and starting young stock with Ryan Chiappone.

In 2012 when he and his partners opened Finger Lakes Equestrian Center, Dan met Amy Lyn Jones and began his education in classical dressage. Since finding his love of dressage, Dan has pursued his education fiercely, riding with clinicians like Anne Gribbons, Gabriel Armando, Todd and Becky Bryan, and Stephen Hayes. Dan also completed his USDF Bronze Medal in 2019.

Dan’s teaching philosophy is based on helping riders achieve their goals and build and enhance their partnerships with horses. Through his education in dressage, he has learned how its basic principles provide a foundation for good horsemanship and effective riding across all disciplines. He enjoys watching his riders and their equine partners grow, overcome obstacles and have “ah-ha” moments as the learn and excel together, whether in the show ring or conquering their fears on a trail ride.